About Me

I started making jewelry in 2017. I would make batches of earrings (at first and then eventually added necklaces) and then show them to friends and family to make their selections. I enjoyed making and designing new pieces ad then seeing how much my friends ad family loved them. Eventually, I kept hearing the refrain "you should sell these".

Not gonna lie, the thought of putting myself out there scared me. In October 2022, I signed up for coaching as a birthday present to myself (Libra sun!) and staring my own business was one of our big goals. It's taken me some time since then but I'm so excited to share my jewelry with you now.

I will be providing limited themed collections a few times a year. The crystals picked for each collection will all be selected for their connection to the theme. Each item will have a limited selection (1 - 10 pieces) and will only be restocked if I still have the materials available.

My goal is to provide jewelry that gives people a unique way to express themselves. Calla Rose HQ is an expression of myself and the juxtaposing forces within us all - the elegant refined queen and the earthy sensual goddess. Each piece will represent one or both of these, so feel free to explore the jewelry and your own self.